Ratan tata and his leadership qualities

In the midst of an ongoing search process to find ratan tata's successor to head the country's biggest corporate house, top leaders from the group have heaped lavish praise on his leadership style. Ratan tata one of the most well-known and respected industrialists in india, ratan tata (ratan naval tata), is the chairman of the salt to software conglomerate, tata group which is based in india and comprising 98 operating companies in seven business sectors across 80 countries.

Leadership style of ratan tata his childhood born 28th dec, 1937 to soonoo and naval hormusji tata his parents separated at the age of seven he was raised by his grandmother lady navajbai. Ratan tata leadership qualities ratan tata retires on his 75th birthday this week, handing over the baton of his business to cyrus mistry, the first chief appointed from outside the immediate tata family in its 144-year history while ratan tata has been credited with transforming the tata group into a streamlined conglomerate of more than 100 companies and earning a global reputation for his.

Ratan tata and his leadership qualities is very much indebted to jamsetji tata, known as the father of indian industry” while, he himself couldn’t completely fulfill the missions of starting tata industries, he laid the foundation for success, only to be fulfilled by his great grandson,.

Ratan tata is the present chairman of tata group, who consolidated and expanded the business from him and made tata one of the most prestigious brands in southeast asia his vision led the tata group become one of india's largest business conglomerates and in recent years has made significance presence at international level by various. Ratan tata was a ‘terrific combination’ of the four necessary leadership characteristics — character, commitment, competence and courage leaders inspire others because they are inspired themselves.

Ratan tata and his leadership qualities

Personal power —-krishna kumar, in an internal interview published on the group’s website in march, had also praised ratan tata for his contributions to not only the group, but the business and industry as a whole and called him a ‘born leader.

A man of values the leadership qualities of ratan tata are coupled with his commitment to social service, justice and responsibility he holds the chairmanship of the tata trusts and is known to promote financial transparency and intense vetting for grants for projects that claim to help the needy.

Ratan tata's leadreship 1 corporate leader 2 ratan naval tatapresent chairman of tata group (a business legend. While tata did all the three things, what makes him different and superior is his inner qualities -- the being part of leadership when tata launched the small car nano, it reflected a leader's inner values, influenced by his outer behaviour.

ratan tata and his leadership qualities Leadership lessons from the man who created the tata nano may 6th, 2016 be a leader, leadership share this article facebook twitter google+ linkedin pinterest be a leader ratan tata, the creator of the world's cheapest car, tata nano photo source: flickr  one of tata’s standout qualities is his humility, which was with him when he.
Ratan tata and his leadership qualities
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